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Our icon library is built on the principles of balance, clarity, and inclusivity. The icons are used in everything from navigation, components, and on their own.
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In Figma, you can find a list of available icons in the Workbench UI Kit, or search the Workbench Design system within a Figma file.

In code, icons are individually exported as React components from the @gusto/workbench-icons package.

See the full Icon component documentation for more details.

import { ArrowSync } from '@gusto/workbench-icons';

Icons in Workbench are sized 16×16. We don’t recommend changing their size.

The default color for Workbench icons is salt-800. Icons in Link, IconButton, or Button components should match the text color. In cases where salt-800 does not meet accessible contrast requirements, icons should match the text/foreground color of its associated element.

For questions about updating or adding icons, please reach out to Design Systems directly on Slack in #design-systems.

Icons follow the same contrast guidelines as text.