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Product illustrations

We use an expressive, hand-drawn illustration style that emphasizes humanity. In the platform, illustrations help us celebrate little moments and emphasize the benefits of our platform.
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Small illustrations

  • Sized 56×56
  • Simple, compact, and used to express a single concept
  • Should add to the cognitive understanding of the content, not clutter it unnecessarily
  • Not be used in place of icons
A face with a plus sign
A paper airplane
A ambulance
An anchor
An apple
An award ribbon
A bank
A pair of binoculars
A calendar
A folding calendar
A calendar with a heart
An orange car
A car with a wrench
A dollar bill
A chat bubble
A graph
A checkmark
A checkmark
A locked chest
A clipboard
A paper coffee cup
A compass
A desktop computer
A laptop computer
A mobile device
A tablet
A diamond
A drum
A dollar bill
A sealed envelope
An exit sign
A kit of first aid supplies
A tulip
A knife and a fork
A G representing the Gusto logo
A gift with a bow
A pair of eyeglasses
A hammer
Hand holding a cellphone
Two hands shaking
An audio headset
A heart
A flower in the shape of a heart
A heart
A heart with cardiogram lines
A house
A key
A light bulb
A light bulb with money
A lock
A magnifying glass
A map
A megaphone
A microscope
A coin on a balance scale
An envelope with money inside
A movie clapper
A moving box
A moving truck
Four small squares aligned to form a larger square
A paintbrush
A palm tree
A pen writing on a piece of paper
A paw print of an animal
A pencil
A piggy bank
A piggy bank with a heart hovering above
A shield with a plug sign
A gift
Two price tags tied to a string
Three sliding switches aligned to different values
A smiling face
A sneaker
A stethoscope
A suitcase
A dollar sign in a circle surrounded by arrows
A circle surrounded by arrows
A brown, stuffed toy bear
A telescope
A hand showing thumbs up
A tooth
A toothbrush
A trophy
A yellow triangular warning symbol
A watch
A watering can watering a flower
A hand waving