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Getting started with Workbench for designers

New to designing in Workbench? Start here.

Learn how to use our design system in Figma, from our UI Kit to the asset library itself.

Learn how to get started on a new design mock—how to bring in templates, patterns, components, and more.

Designers have a collection of approved mock data that can be used with the Google Sheets Sync Figma pluginExternal link.

To use the data, select a component, text, or vector object in your Figma file, run the plugin, and enter .

  • The mock data comes in multiple formats, includes avatar photos, names, emails, job titles, company names, salaries, bonus, commission, reimbursements, hours, random numbers, dates, and has been approved for internal design and marketing projects by the legal team.
  • The easiest way to use this data is to rename a set of vector or text elements within a component in Figma to match the desired column titles in the Google SheetExternal link beginning each name with a # i.e.,#Name-FL, #Title,#Date-MMMD.
  • Once mapped, select the elements in Figma and run the plugin and click the “Fetch & Sync” button.
  • You can also map an element to a specific cell by adding a . followed by the row number at the end of the name i.e.,#Name-FLI.22, #Email.9,#Date-MD.4.
  • To update a single element, select a vector or text object, run the plugin, click the “Fetch” button, click on the cell you want to pull data from, then click the “Sync” button.
  • The mock data is sorted randomly by default. You can use alphabetized data by selecting one or more elements, opening the plugin, and pressing the “Fetch” button. At the bottom of the next page, you'll find tabs that link to the randomized and alphabetized sheets. Select “Worker Data (Alphabetical)” and then click the “Sync” button at the top of the plugin.
  • If you have a request for changes or additional data in the spreadsheetExternal link, you can submit it in the Design Systems Form at the bottom of this page.

Design Systems office hours

Wednesdays ( / / / )
Join us to share work, pair on design and UI work or ask questions.

Check out the Design Systems team calendarExternal link for more information.