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About Workbench

Workbench helps Gusto’s internal teams remain productive and work efficiently by improving the quality of our front-end code and by promoting design cohesion.

Workbench is built, designed, and maintained by Gusto’s Design Systems team. In addition to the Workbench website, the team also maintains Gusto’s Design Tokens, Figma UI kit, global CSS frameworks and Component Library.

We empower designers and engineers to build high-quality and cohesive UI/UX with as much efficiency as possible. We do this by building tools, systems, and resources that help designers and engineers speak the same language so that they are able to spend more time making complex tasks easier for our customers. Our birds-eye view of Gusto’s products gives us the unique perspective necessary to design reusable patterns with broad utility and an eye toward visual consistency. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and we believe contributions from partners across the company are a vital part of the evolution of a healthy design system.

Amy Thibodeau
Amy ThibodeauHead of Design
Daniel Flynn
Daniel FlynnPE, Engineering
Juliann Wheeler
Juliann WheelerPE, Design
Melanie Oei
Melanie OeiProduct Management
Nick Saele
Nick SaeleProduct Designer
Sarah Harris
Sarah HarrisEngineer
Michael Savoia
Michael SavoiaEngineer
Carlos Rosas
Carlos RosasEngineer
Gabrielle Taylor
Gabrielle TaylorEngineer
Guillaume Mathieu
Guillaume MathieuEngineer

Ship elegant and consistent user experiences that evolve thoughtfully

We streamline, modernize, and stabilize the building blocks of our product. We work with mission teams to help find a cohesive solution to persistent problems. If we can’t find a common solution, we’ll collaborate on a new one that the entire system can benefit from.

Enable efficient product development

We create tools, processes and systems that make routine tasks faster. When the team works efficiently, Product development timelines shrink while product quality vastly improves. In turn, we’re able to launch, learn, and iterate much faster.

Empower product teams to solve real customer problems

Our work frees designers and engineers from thinking about the specifics of UI implementation so they can devote more energy to making complex tasks easier for customers.

What we do

Our unique exposure to the entire product makes us a valuable resource for anyone looking to build UI. We’re here to partner with designers and engineers to recommend and help implement known solutions and to help design solutions to new problems.

The Design Systems team works across a variety of tools, libraries and platforms, building solutions and maintaining the health of our shared resources.

Scope of work

  • Helping define holistic naming conventions
  • Design, Development and advising on UI building blocks (design tokens, components, patterns)
  • Consulting on creating and updating design patterns
  • Maintenance of the Workbench website and Component Library components and their underlying APIs
  • Evolution and maintenance of ZP repo UI infrastructure
  • Maintenance of Product Design’s Figma UI Library (components, styles, icons, illos, etc…)

Out of scope

  • Email Design / Development
  • UI in Reports (generating PDF)
  • CX Tools (Panda, Hippo, Koala, Pufferfish, etc…
  • Mission/Pod-specific UI regressions

Design Systems office hours

Wednesdays ( / / / )
Join us to share work, pair on design and UI work or ask questions.

Check out the Design Systems team calendarExternal link for more information.