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Design Systems Newsletter

A few new components for you to enjoy*:

Some upcoming gems are hanging out in the Lab (targeting October availability):

In the oven (targeting October launch):

  • Autocomplete
  • Popover
  • StepTracker
  • ToggleTip

* Thanks to Stacy Huang for her work on Accordion & Details and thanks to our summer interns Celine Fucci and Kayla Buki for their work on Tabs!

Tia Alvarez

Design Systems recently welcomed a new team member: Tia Alvarez joins us as a program manager for both Design Systems and Shared Experiences. Tia joins us from Mailchimp and will be helping us with our long-term planning and coordination efforts. Say hello if you see her!

A sample of new illustrations added to Workbench

Illustrations have made the jump to Workbench. The new system comes with a few big changes:

  • Illustrations are now delivered as React components that pull in optimized image assets
  • Large and medium illos are now rendered as WebP and AVIF images in a variety of sizes in order to ensure we are delivering the most efficient asset possible
  • In the interest of simplicity and consistency, small illos now come in one size: 56×56
  • Illustrations are served from their own package: workbench-illos

20 new illos from Brand Studio have also been added to the collection.

Check out our updated Illustration documentation to learn more.

A sample of new icons added to Workbench

We’ve added new icons to the library. Say hello to:

  • ArrowLeft
  • ArrowRight
  • CircleBlank
  • Hide
  • LocationNone
  • LocationUnknown
  • Map
  • Mute
  • Show

Check out our updated icons »

Workbench logo

Two of our designers recently published articles on the Gusto Design blog sharing their experiences of working on our team.

Our summer intern, Celine Fucci, wrote about Interning on the Design Systems Team at Gusto, and Derek Torsani wrote more broadly about Design Systems at Gusto (which became a social media hit for a hot minute).

Snapshot of our three Figma libraries

PSA: we’ve cleaned up our Figma libraries.

We’ve consolidated and simplified our libraries into three simple buckets:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
Gusto’s new side navigation

Design Systems recently participated in a project to overhaul Gusto’s primary navigation with the goal of making it more intuitive for our customers to find their way through the app.

The Shared Experiences team has taken ownership of the nav and is introducing new and necessary friction to ensure an intentional evolution of Gusto’s information architecture with an IA change process.

Please reach out to the #all-shared-experiences Slack channel if you have any questions about this new process.

Have questions? Want to propose changes or additions to Workbench? Need other support or advice on using the system? We’re here for you!

  • Reach out in #design-systems
  • Office hours are held Wednesdays, 1–2pm Pacific
Snapshot of the IconButton documentation page showing the new tab structure for Implementation and Usage

We’ve released documentation on 13 components in the past six weeks and have made updates to about half a dozen. We’re constantly evolving the documentation with better examples and more complete, relevant information as we learn what users are looking for.

We should have every component documented by the end of September and will work on some fun enhancements, like site search and a proper mobile experience.

Check out Workbench documentation »

Design Systems is hiring both designers and engineers, including an engineering PE! Know someone who might be interested? Send them our way!

Warmest regards,

Team DS • Ben, Brad, Daniel, Eric, Jordan, Josh, Juliann & Lise